The Anarchist-Communist Party of the People (ACPP) is an anarchist faction and revolutionary action group formed in Michigan in 2010. The estimated number of members ranges anywhere from 150 - 200 and steadily rising.

A Brief History

ACPP was founded first by four anarchists in michigan (now known as 'ACPP Affinity') and started out as a small think tank on social pathology and governmental study. They each contributed ideas and founded a system similar to an authoritarian version of Anarchist-Communism. However they agreed shortly after that total freedom, along with economic egalitarianism could offer the best environment for human kind to grow into and be conditioned upon. Most of the ideas of Anarchist-Communism can be found in Peter Kropotkin's The Conquest of Bread and Fields, Factories, and Workshops.

The small think tank, although not yet a large group, decided to form a small political action group. The group, now growing is planning for its future. They currently host events around the Metro-Detroit area focused on mutual aid and helping the urban community.

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