Anti-capitalist (Turkish: Antikapitalist) is a Trotskyist organisation in Turkey. It was part of the International Socialist Tendency led by the Socialist Workers Party (UK).

The antecedents of Antikapitalist can be traced back to 1982.

Tradition delivered from DSİP and IS

That year a group named Kurtulus Örgütü (Liberation Organisation) was formed. The members of this group engaged in debate with members of the International Socialist groups in Germany and Britain and were won to their views.

From April 1984 the group issued a paper illegally under military regime called Sosyalist Isci (Sosyalist Worker) which was published until February 1989. They published a journal Sosyalist Tartisma (Socialist Argue) from 1985 to 1987. The group also published Isciler ve Toplum (Workers and Society). From 1992 they began a new period in their development as a legal political group in Turkey and again issued Sosyalist Isci as a monthly which in 1997 became bi-weekly. Sosyalist Isci is still published by the Revolutionary Socialist Workers' Party (DSİP - Devrimci Sosyalist İşçi Partisi) today.

Split from DSİP

In 1997 they formally named themselves the DSİP. However, internal problems led to a split in the new party in 1998 and a group named Isci Demokrasisi (Workers Democracy) (ID) left the group. The group has no relation with DSİP after that split. The leaderships of the British and Greek SWPs supported different sides in this dispute. Some time later some members of ID left to form Antikapitalist. Some small groups left the group; the members left in Antikapitalist was small and unable to organize. The group was abolished in 2010. The few last members of Antikapitalist joined the Equality and Democracy Party (Eşitlik ve Demokrasi Partisi, EDP).

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