The Arab Socialist Movement (Arabic: حركة الاشتراكيين العرب - Harakat al-Ishtirakiyeen al-`Arab) is a political party in Syria.

It is, as the name implies, an Arab socialist party, with roots in the peasant movement. It traces its roots back to the 1930s radical anti-feudal group led by Akram al-Hawrani, which merged with the Ba'th Party in 1953, only to withdraw again in 1963. It is split into several branches. One is part of the National Progressive Front of legally licenced parties which accept the constitutional leadership of the Ba'th Party. In the 22 April 2007 People's Council of Syria election this branch was awarded 3 out of 250 seats in the parliament. Another branch has also gained legal recognition and parliamentary representation, but under the name National Vow Party. A third faction remains in opposition, seated in the National Democratic Gathering.


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