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Essay by User:Jamesdeguzman1990:

Barbie Girls wiki is a formerly leftist encyclopedia that puts random characters as members of Barbie world based on what they look like. It is based on the Thethinkerkoala's own mind and his own decision to decide where they belong on the spectrum. He claims to be a site about Barbie world. However, the wiki is so confusing and messed up to the point where random characters are on the wiki. In fact, 90% of the characters are not related to Barbie at all. He has abused his power and gave a problem user bureaucrat rights. The problem user removed all communist pages from the site, and he added more communists, including Lavrentiy Beria (later deleted) and Nikita Khrushchev.

Their Rules and How Thethinkerkoala (An Admin) Breaks Them

First of all, what are the rules for this wiki? The pages must have an infobox, otherwise it is not qualified to be a page. Even the Barbie girls Wiki admin and founder, Thethinkerkoala, violates his own rules [1]. Take Po's page in that wiki as an example. It has no infobox, at all. The wiki disallowed a page, Leon, who hates uglies, only because it was not "family friendly", when in reality, there is mature content on this wiki, such as Ringo Antonio [2], a Filipino YouTuber. Ringo's page has tons of personal information about her that she (presumably) didn't want to reveal to the public.

The rules are kind of outdated, and in fact, in chaos. Here's how even an admin cannot follow those policies:

What is the number 1 rule? No vandalism. Yet multiple people still can't follow it and still come to vandalize pages.

What is the second rule? Blog posts must be appropriate. No one has blogged on this wiki, and one blog, made by Thethinkerkoala, has inappropriate and rather, personal information, about a random person.

What is the third rule? Do not add new pages. Users have added multiple pages. In fact, it said Blackpinkfanboy101, not Thethinkerkoala, is an admin, making the policies outdated.

What is the fourth rule? Do not mention close friends in the fandom, or else you will be blocked immediately. The Admin has violated these rules and put tons of personal information. Take Ringo Antonio, as an example.

What is the fifth rule? No plagiarism. You see, users who plagiarized have not blocked. In fact, this whole wiki Is plagiarism. In fact, no user has been blocked 3 months like the policies says.

What is the last rule? "Do not edit any Important page. They are protected for a reason." In fact, the admins cannot follow this rule and they did not protect those pages. The users have edited the Important pages.

Why Barbie girls is a communist site before

This FANDOM has talked a lot about communism in the earlier days the wiki "shined." In fact, it used to have communist dictators such as Joseph Stalin. It referred to Lenin as a female, which is indeed false, as he had a beard and he's never proven his feminine identity. It put personal information such as the sexuality of Vladimir Lenin, as shown in the deletion log. The owner of this wiki, Thethinkerkoala, also called Lenin an anti-hero far before I joined the site and the page was deleted. Eventually, all the communist pages were deleted. However, the owner of the site, Thethinkerkoala, wrote Shooky as if he were a communist, and used communist photos. As a result, Thethinkerkoala got a global ban just because he allegedly abuse multiple accounts about a Fascist named Leon aka Catsbecats on Fandom.

It has a page on Nikolai Yezhov, and it calls him a she just because he was LGBT and was a dwarf. It also has a page on Nikita Khrushchev, and luckily enough, it calls him a he even though it said he had a female name. This wiki is messed up and random overall, as it ranged from communist dictators to Disney characters to internet celebrities to random people not mentioned on the news, such as Ringo Antonio.

Target Audience

The Target audience consists of supporters of the hatred of ugly people, although Thethinkerkoala has explained multiple times he does not support this hatred. Ironically enough, not many of the audience and editors were communists despite the many pro-communist pages this site has.


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