Communpedia is a communist, socialist, leftist free encyclopedia, founded in November 2010. We share knowledge and beliefs and talk about politics and the communist revolution. We stand for the proposition that the role of government, if it exists at all, is to serve the people, fostering human ability and consciousness. Communism is practical humanism for everyone. The proletariat, the organized working class, plays a central role in achieving those objectives. We talk about topics that may be of interest for people who want to read something that isn't just western propaganda.[1] Basically, we write information on subjects you won't hear from CNN or Fox News, but propaganda is not allowed.

Who is Communpedia written for?

Everyone. Who is interested in left-wing politics and is open-minded. The editors at Communpedia are interested in spreading information (facts) censored or simply not given by the capitalist media, rather than writing offensive articles about the USA, etc.

Contributing to Communpedia

Communpedia may be edited by anyone, but contributions must achieve a Common point of view and you must provide references for controversial sentences. Users who blank pages or add offensive content, might get blocked. So will users who add propaganda of any kind.

As of April 2011, all users have been granted Administrator abilities.[2]


In 2011, following a dispute with the management of Wikia, the editors of Communpedia moved it to http://en.kommynist.ru/ , which later became http://en.communpedia.org . Those sites were hosted by a group in Russia who already had an established Russian-language communist wiki encyclopedia: http://kommynist.ru . We also set up Spanish and Dutch versions of the encyclopedia there. Unfortunately, in 2015 the Russian hosts deactivated en.communpedia.org and the other non-Russian-language sites. After a period of inactivity the Wikia site you are now viewing was reactivated by User:Fred Bauder, a long-time Wikia editor who had also edited on the Russian-hosted version of Communpedia. Much material that was contributed to the Russian-hosted Communpedia during its four years of existence is, unfortunately, absent from the present site, although some effort is being made to recover that material and put it here. Some pages of the demised site can be found at Archive.org's "Wayback Machine", and in the Google and Yahoo search engine caches.


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