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For discussing Communpedia's policies, logo, skin and related subjects, please visit the People's Congress.

Welcome to Communpedia, the communist encyclopedia! Anyone can edit and add content, with a very few restrictions:

Contributions must not be offensive, racist, nationalistic, etc. Information should reflect a Common point of view, and not the perspective of a single variant of communism/socialism. No propaganda allowed, only facts. Controversial information added to articles must be referenced, linking to websites or books.

We look forward to granting all users Administrator abilities, and, as of April 2011, this has been achieved.

This is a free encyclopedia to which anyone can contribute, so no pages should remain protected for more than 3 months.

Blocking policy

Users who write propaganda or blank/insert nonsense into pages might get blocked. We support equality and information, not western, eastern, or any kind of propaganda.

Website administration

The creator (and bureaucrat) of this wiki was XXPowerMexicoXx who for some reason got crossways with Wikia and was globally blocked. He is an editor in good standing at, now at User:XXPowerMexicoXx. Other active users have been StalinismFTW, Gamergeektwo, VvAnarchangelvV, and RebelFighter1995. Users who actively edit and participate appropriately in discussions will be granted administrator status. Go to Communpedia:Requests for adminship to apply.

Community content is available under CC-BY-SA unless otherwise noted.