Concerning the Situation in the Ideological Sphere (關於當前意識形態領域情況的通報) also known as Document No. 9 (中办发〔2013〕9号), is a confidential internal document widely circulated within the Communist Party of China in 2013 by the General Office of the Communist Party of China.[1][2] The document was first published in July, 2012.[3] The document warns of seven dangerous Western values, allegedly including media freedom and judicial independence. With respect to education coverage of the topics is forbidden.[4] There is an emphasis on controlling and preventing communication using the internet of ideas subversive to one party rule. The document was issued in the context of planned economic reforms and increased calls for political reform.[5]

The seven dangerous values

  • Western constitutional democracy
  • Universal values of human rights
  • Western conceptions of
    • Media independence
    • Civil society
  • Pro-market neo-liberalism
  • "Nihilist” criticisms of past errors of the party.[6]


The contents of the memo became known when accounts of presenting it to cadre in the Liaoyuan municipal government were published in the local paper.[7][8] In May 2013 cadre at the Chongqing Party Committee for Urban and Rural Construction studied the material,[9] as did cadre in Anyang[10]


According to news analysis by a reporter at The New York Times, the emphasis on political discipline is intended to forestall leftist, or Maoist, opposition to needed economic reforms avoiding the split which resulted in the Soviet Union during Gorbachev's reform efforts when media freedom resulted in publishing of a great deal of critical historical material and alienation of the mass of party workers.[5]

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