The Egyptian Socialist Party (Arabic: الحزب الاشتراكي المصري) was a socialist political party in Egypt, founded in 1921. The party included both Marxist, Anarchist and Reformist elements. The party platform was published on August 29, 1921. The party began publishing the newspaper ash-Shebiba (الشبيبة).

The party established a network of local branches in major cities around the country. It initiated work amongst trade unions and took part in organizing strikes. It also began educational activities for children of workers as well as trying to reach out to mobilize the peasantry.

In 1923 the party was active in major strike actions. The British authorities clamped down on the party. Many party cadres were arrested and party offices were closed. Anton Maroun, a prominent leader of the party, died in jail. Subsequently the colonial authorities sponsored yellow trade unions to counter the socialists.

After the crackdown on the party, Marxist sectors continued to operate in cells. Later they would form the Egyptian Communist Party.



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