• Battlestar Galactica – Positive themes of self-sacrifice and obedience to authority along with respect for the religious views of others as long as they’re not Christians or Jews. A character who is a self-made wealthy genius ultimately forfeits his decadent life to settle on a farm by the end of the series.
  • Buffy the Vampire Slayer – An individual with supernatural powers is depicted as humble and obedient as well as being a female protagonist. The show frequently takes jabs at capitalism and the military, shows the dangers of alcoholism and preaches a healthy, ascetic existence in keeping with the values of Communism . A character who supports capitalism is a former demon who is killed in the last episode.
  • Childhood’s End – Based on the Science-fiction book by Isaac Asimov. Trust your leaders unquestioningly and good things will happen.
  • EastEnders – Celebrates humble working class life and people. Ambitious individuals who try to leave the square or get rich or who are already middle-class or rich are depicted as insane, evil or unfulfilled and almost always suffer death or unpleasant, humiliating fates. Thatcherism is embodied in the character of Ian Beale, a slimy, cowardly buffoon who is constantly trying to get rich but is treated as a joke by everyone around him and frequently subjected to horrible, hilarious experiences.
  • Mad Men – Shows the selfish, materialistic capitalism and excess of the thirties that led to the banking crisis.
  • Merlin – An individual with incredible gifts devotes himself to helping others instead of himself and is a humble servant, similar to a janitor in the palace in which he works. Other characters with magical powers who try to use them for their own game are quickly put in their place by being humiliated and/or killed.
  • Sheep in the Big City – Cartoon for children that frequently takes jabs at capitalism and the military.


  • The Colbert Report – Liberal parodist Stephen Colbert viciously satirises the Christian right.

Debatable whether Communist

  • Doctor Who – Features same-sex couples, trans characters and people of different colours but also promotes individualism and criticises Communism in the form of the Cybermen.
  • Family Guy – Mocks Conservatives, Capitalists, Jews and the wealthy but also satirises Islam and contains a lot of offensive humour.
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