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Note: I am an Leftist not a Centrist or Conservative

It seems that the Left is truly divided between the more moderate Social Democrats/Progressives and the Extreme Maoist, Leininst, Hoxhaist and Stalinist factions.

Why Extremist Governents Never Succeed:

There is no room for flexibilty and hard line party guidlines always trumph what is the plausble choice in a situation,

Being a Social Democrat myself I know from a balance point of view that many of the so called Communist Heroes were the worst muderers in History.

Karl Marx- While many of his ideas are now a little fantastic, he was making an expirement, I believe he would be a Social Democrat in our time

Lennin- I do not shower him with roses but it is my opinion he was the best of the revolutionaries. Allowing the free market to exist while insituting forms of Public Services

Stalin- Put a more extreme character of the U.S.S.R sending all opponents to Labour Camps

Mao- While first being succesful, I despise him due to his Great Leap Forward and the Culture Revolution

My favorite Politician of all time:

Frankiln Dealnor Rossevelt

32nd President of the United States 1933-1945

The New Deal was a near perfect ruling system, a newer version of these type of polices can be found of the New Labour Movement of the United Kingdom,

I think the person who wrote in another essay that CNBC CNN and MSNBC were not real New Organzations has a truly clouded version of reality.

MSNBC Talk show host Lawarnce O Donnel has even called himself a Socialist

It is possible that the recent events of this year will trigger the end of the American Regean Revoultion and hopefuly open up a new age of Progressivm and Socialism.



Half of the United States is a Liberal/ Proggresive Society if not Socialist

As for Bill Clintion and Don't Ask Don't Tell-

He was only trying to cater to the Center Right so America would not elect someone like George Bush,

that ploy obviously did not work.

If we as the left become too extreme we will lose the culture wars with the Right. Let us unite under rationality and reason.

The days of having to create a revolution are over, we just need to convince the voters not to cast themselves to Conervative Rich Christians.

Barrack Obama is not just another Christian Capitalist but a Peace Maker and a Reformer having to deal with an uncompromsing Republican Party,

I hope you will all understand.

Alexanders 04:01, June 3, 2011 (UTC)


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