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Social democracy could succed, and it would probably somehow lead to socialism. However, not aiming towards stateless communism is itself immoral, and it could be considered a form of conservatism (reactionarism). While numerous governments have failed in implementing communism or even socialism, this does not mean communism is not possible. Hopefully, we will be able to find away to achieve stateless communism. Perhaps social democracy is the way, or maybe anarchism. But we need to be sure of what we really want to achieve.

Also, while it is probably true that under Stalin millions were sent to labour camps, it should be taken into consideration that most of these people were criminals. Also, be aware that currently the USA is the country with the most prisoners in the world. I do acknowlege that Stalin sent some CPSU members simply because they opposed him taking over the USSR.

The Chinese famine was obviously unintentional, and is comparable to the many famines caused by capitalist goverment's policies. Also, Great Leap Forward was not implemented the way Mao ordered.

Still, neither of these leaders achieved communism or socialism in their countries. (This does not mean they didn't try to do so, however it probably means they weren't doing it the right way.)

And no, not all people from the US are evil capitalists.

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