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Restructuring, also known as perestroika, is the process of revitalizing the economy of a socialist state, increasing access to information, and increasing participation of the proletariat in economic and public affairs.

Turn it every which way but loose[1]

There is absolutely no excuse for a socialist society which is experiencing economic difficulties, lack of public support, or any other failure to fulfill its potential, to turn control over its affairs over to criminal or reactionary elements, foreign or domestic. A great leap backward is really dumb, however profitable it might be for the nomenklatura.

Standing in the way of history

The productive force in society, the working class, is continually developing in skill, power, and organization. Attempting to block the proletariat's creative force is self-defeating; thus restructuring is necessary if stagnation develops.

How do you get there from here?[2]

Depends... It depends on demographics, the international and domestic economy, history, all the elements which make up the current situation, looked at objectively. No step can be taken which significant elements of the nation will emphatically reject. That means that resolution of crises must sometimes be delayed while work is done building consensus regarding the forward path. Bold reforms which seem possible to a theorist may be disastrous in practice, and, in the case of perestroika and glasnost, were.


  1. During fire training in the US Navy, we were instructed regarding how to deal with fires which involved nuclear weapons; most memorable was the advice, "No matter what happens, never give up" Failure is fatal.
  2. From the joke, in response to a request for directions, "You can't get there from here."
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