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Image of Chávez used by Conservapedia.

If you criticize the democratically elected Hugo Chávez, do it rationally. For the far-right folks at Conservapedia, they get almost everything wrong. Read on, and read the rant for yourself.

Hugo Chávez... communist?

In many points in their "article", they claim Hugo Chávez is a communist. Expect, he is a plain democratic socialist. Sure, commies like myself support Chávez but does that make him, himself, a commie? He has never said he was a communist nor has his Venezuelan nation of... Venezuela.

Here is a list of communist, fake and real, nations/communes:

Wait, Venezuela isn't on there.

Hugo Chávez and the Jewish people, he isn't anti-semitic

Wait, has you, yourself, pointed out is that Venezuela and the United States have poor relations. So why are you citing American sources and not Venezuelan sources.

Better not a picture of his anti-semitism in action.

“I am going to go after those who resist the revolution and eliminate them one by one” - Hugo Chávez [citation needed]

Wait, he would write something like that down, wouldn't he. A Republican source might lie, as such is the nature of most politicans.

Wouldn't he write or say it in a radio recording or something? Notice how all these claims about his dictatorship can't not find a single non-anti-Chávez source.

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