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In this "essay", if you can call it that, I will not say why I support Gaddafi or even why I view the Libyan War the way I do, This is just saying my views, agree or disagree I don't care.

The "rebels" are, as anti-Gaddafist xXPowerMexicoXx, western puppets. The whole "revolution" is an imperialist excuse for more OIL! Since they get it from Saudi Arabia, and a bunch of other countries they get in to a fit when a country says, "let there be a limit to your oil so others can share".

We need to have all the world's oil and when our allies want all of it than our allies would become enemies and make a 4th World War(seeing that the "Allies" needed to have all the world's oil, there would be a WWIII). Every country—maybe for civilians, man—for him/her/itself!

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