The European Anticapitalist Left (EACL) is an informal network for European anticapitalist left wing parties. EACL met for the first time in Lisbon in March 2000 with the representation of the Scottish Socialist Party, the Portuguese Left Bloc, the Danish Red-Green Alliance, the French LCR, and the Turkish ÖDP.

Since its initial meeting the EACL meets every six months.

The relations between EACL and the Party of the European Left are not clarified, as several parties operate within both European structures.


Red-Green Alliance
New Anticapitalist Party
German Communist Party
Socialist Party
The Left
Left Bloc
Anticapitalist Left
United Alternative Left of Catalonia
Freedom and Solidarity Party
Socialist Workers Party
Respect – The Unity Coalition
Socialist Party
Scottish Socialist Party
Sinistra Critica

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