Inuit Ataqatigiit (Greenlandic for "Community of the People") is a leftist and separatist political party in Greenland.[4][1] The party was born out of the increased youth radicalism in Denmark during the 1970s. The party strives to make Greenland an independent state.[5]

In the 2005 elections, the party won 22.6% of the popular vote and seven out of 31 seats.[2] Four years later, Inuit Ataqatigiit won a 44% plurality of the popular vote and doubled their share of parliamentary seats to 14 out of 31 seats in the June 2009 elections.[4]

Inuit Ataqatigiit is represented in the Folketing, the Danish parliament, by Juliane Henningsen. Its current president is Kuupik Kleist, member of the Parliament of Greenland.[1] Kleist replaced Josef Motzfeldt as president in 2008. In the Danish 2007 parliamentary elections, it retained one of Greenland's two seats in the 179-seat Danish Folketing.

Inuit Ataqatigiit made a major electoral breakthrough in the 2009 Greenlandic parliamentary election. Making gains from the 2005 Greenlandic parliamentary election, it doubled its total number of seats in the Parliament from 7 to 14 seats - just two seats short of a majority - and nearly doubled its total vote from 22.4% to 43.7%. It supplanted both its coalition partners, shifting the Forward party from first to second and the Democrats party from second to third.[5][1]


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