The Labour-Farmer Masses Party (労農大衆党 Rōnō-taishū-tō) was a political party in Japan. It was founded in January 1929 by Mizutani Chozaburo, a former associate of the Labour-Farmer Party leader Oyama Ikuo. Mizutani criticized Oyama Ikuo for being too open towards a merger with the centrist sectors of the socialist movement. The Labour-Farmer Masses Party was largely confined to Kyoto.[1] The party was one of the founders of the United Proletarian Party Front in 1929.[2]

After the 1930 election the party changed its mind regarding unification with the other socialist groups and the party.[1] The party merged with the Tokyo Proletarian Party, forming the National Conference for a United Proletarian Party which in turn merged with other parties on July 20, 1930, founding the National Masses Party.[1][2]


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