Nazbols claim to be left-wing nationalists. This is a contradiction, since they support fascists, who don't think that all people are equal.

Left- wing nationalism stands in contrast to right-wing nationalism, and has often rejected racist nationalism and fascism.[1] However, minor forms of left-wing nationalism (such as National bolshevism) have included intolerance and racial prejudice. The correct term for non-racist forms of left wing nationalism would be left wing patriotism, since nationalism involves comparing your country to others.[2] It is based on politics rather then where you are from. Some countries, such as Venezuela, have adopted patriotic socialism. Hugo Chavez has declared Motherland, socialism or death,[3] which is a reference to patriotism. Ultimately, the 1999 constitutional process produced "the region's most progressive indigenous rights regime". This is an example of true patriotism, which includes respecting your people, but without thinking other peoples or countries are inferior.[4] It involves self-determination.[5] Communists disagree if this concept is correct. Some Marxists believe that true Communism cannot be achieved, under a nationalist State.[6]

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