The Leninist–Trotskyist Tendency was a Trotskyist political international.

Following the reunification of the two largest fragments claiming to be Trotskyist, namely the International Secretariat of the Fourth International and the International Committee of the Fourth International, in 1965 considerable differences continued to exist within the new United Secretariat of the Fourth International. These differences centred on party building strategies and on the attitude of the USFI towards armed movements in Latin America.

As these discussions matured at the time of the 1969 Congress, two international tendencies were formally organised. On the one hand the American Socialist Workers' Party led the Leninist Trotskyist Tendency maily based on the SWP and some Latin American groups with some considerably less support in Europe. On the other hand the European leadership around Ernest Mandel, Livio Maitan and Pierre frank formed the International Majority Tendency. With the passage of time the LTT became the Leninist Trotskyist Faction until by common agreement both tendencies were dissolved after the IMT's self-criticism in 1976 concluded the disagreement on party building.

By this time, the LTF had undergone considerable internal development, and many activist in its Latin American groups had left to form the Bolshevik Faction. With the dissolution of the LTF the BF joined forces with Pierre Lambert's organisation. However within a short time this fusion had come unstuck, and the BF had resumed independent organisational form.

More recently, a handful of former LTF members in Europe, more exactly in Belgium and Germany, founded a new independent Leninist Trotskyist Tendency.

The new LTT soon joined forces with the Workers' International League in Britain and became a small international tendency.

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