A list of leftist wikis.

Website URL Founded Status Articles Comment
Anarchopedia http://eng.anarchopedia.org/ September 2004 Active 5,760 As of January 2014
Socialism Wiki http://socialism.wikia.com/ April 2005 Partially active 65+
Maoist Wiki http://maoist.wikia.com/ September 2006 Partially active 373 One active editor continues to monitor activity
RevLeft Wiki http://www.revleft.org/wiki/ January 2009 Dead link as of January 2014 425+ Forum is active at http://www.revleft.com/vb/
Marxism Wiki http://marx.wikia.com/ March 2009 Inactive 15+ As of May 2011.
Socialist Wiki http://socialist.wikia.com/ January 2010 Inactive 17 As of January 2014
EcuRed http://www.ecured.cu/ (in Spanish) Unknown Active 112.954 as of January 14, 2014 An online encyclopedia from Cuba. Registration required to edit pages.
Энциклопедию Коммунист.Ru http://kommynist.ru/Заглавная_страница 2009 Active 1050 Based in Russia, in Russian
En.Communpedia, The Communist Enclyclopedia http://en.communpedia.org/Communpedia,_the_communist_encyclopedia 2011 Several active editors 1,608 as of January 14, 2014 All active leftist users are granted administrator status
Communpedia, the communist encyclopedia http://communpedia.wikia.com/ November 2010 One active editor 986 This Wiki
Communist Wiki http://communist.wikia.com/ April 2011 Inactive 15 As of January 2014
Communism Wiki http://communism.wikia.com/ Partially active 361 As of
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