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MaoistRebelNews is a Marxist-Leninist-Maoist who brings you the media.

MaoistRebelNews is a Marxist-Leninist Maoist who talks about things that are happening in the media and is a reporter of sorts. He started out his media related buisness in 2009 and was shut down twice by trolling YouTube users as revenge for proving them wrong[1]. He is against the Mises Insitute, an zelous school of "learning", that is in truth, a right-winged propaganda school (there is not much information we have at the moment, we are still reseaching to see what we can see). As of now, Maoist Rebel News has been debunking much of western and european media in order to reveal the truths of what they mean. He is as well as an anti anarcho-capitalist and is against Troskyists[citation needed] as well (he was virtually assaulted on Revleft, once. There will be a link in the description).

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Originally started in early 2009 as "TheMaoistRebel"[1], the channel has been removed from YouTube twice[2]. The second channel attempt featured other YouTube Marxists giving insights on everything from the Communist Party USA to the activities of Nepali Maoists and the New People's Army. The channel also features insights and commentary, most notably a lengthy critique of anarcho-capitalism[3] and the Mises Institute, as well as a Mail bag segment dedicated to responding to hate mail, death threats and "general douchebaggery".[4]

The show has gained some criticism and negative reviews[5][6][7] but others have supported the channel for its unique content and perspective.[8]

Jason Unruhe is the news anchor of The Maoist Rebel News.

The Maoist Rebel News is an alternative news source channel on YouTube that gives political commentary from a Marxist-Leninist-Maoist perspective. It began on January 16th, 2009 immediately following the election of President Barack Obama. The first broadcast was a commentary on Joe the Plumber and his statements regarding news coverage of military events in Israel.

The channel also co-written by RedNickD and NightCrowRed, however neither has been see on the channel since mid 2010.

In April 2009 the original YouTube channel TheMaoistRebelNews was removed by YouTube without any explanation given. The program returned one week later under the channel name MaoistRebelNews. In late July 2010 the channel was removed due to several fraudulent flags filed against it. Immediately following was creation of MaoistRebelNews2 and a video declaring his intention to continue producing news stories and political commentary.

Eventually the Maoist Rebel News project expanded into two other channels that serve as satellites to the main channel. MaoistCommentary is dedicated too opinion, analysis and explanations of Marxist works. MaoistRebelTheory is dedicated to explaining and expanding upon the works of Mao Zedong.

In addition to these three channels, he also maintains a blog on wordpress that carries the text versions of most of the videos he produces.

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