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Gẽdvilas Mecislovas 11 11 1901Bubiai (Siauliai county) 5 02 1981Vilnius, Soviet activist of Lithuania. Member of the CPSU (from 1934 to 1940 belonged to the Lithuanian Communist Party). Gedvilas' father and his family were deported to Russia in 1904 for distribution of the Prohibited Lithuanian press. 1919-22 M. Gedvilas studied at the Petrograd Institute of Technology. In 1923 he returned to Lithuania. In 1923-27 he taught and in 1928-30 edited the newspaper Žemaitis Worked at the Lithuanian Freemasonry Ethical Culture Society. 1926–31 Member of the Lithuanian Peasant People's Union. Involved in opposition activities to nationalists, resulting in several administrative detentions in 1927-31. Approached with communists. Edited illegal communist publications. 1931-40 Director of Telsiai County Patient Fund.

June 06, 1940 After the USSR occupation of Lithuania, June 06, 1940, the so-called People's Government Minister of the Interior. 1940-46 Council of People's Commissars of the LSSR , 1946-56 Council of Ministers the chairman. One of the executives of the incorporation of Lithuania into the USSR, contributed to the repression of the Lithuanian intelligentsia and political figures. Implemented USSR policies with others - suppressed resistance to the Soviet occupation regime, enforced peasant collectivisation, persecuted Catholicism.

M.Gedvilass Bolshevik political views gradually changed over time. Around 1950, with Paleckis, he began to take a critical view of, and resist, brutal Russification. late-20th century The Lithuanian Communist Party's Central Committee office, plenary sessions and congresses have repeatedly criticized it. 1956 Retired as Prime Minister.

1957-73 Minister of Education of the LSSR. Under the influence of employees of the Ministry of Education, they did not approve of the Russification of schools and tried to preserve the Lithuanian language as an educational language. As Minister of Education, he encouraged the expansion of the school network and the construction of new buildings (called annexes). Defended high school at 11 (Russian-speakers moved to 10). 1940-76 Member of the Central Committee of the Lithuanian Communist Party, 1940-56 Committee Bureau member, 1952-56 Candidate for the CPSU Central Committee. 1940-75 LSSR, 1941-62 Deputy of the USSR Supreme Council. Wrote a book of reminiscences Decisive Turn (1975, Russian 1979).

Visuotine Lietuviu enciklopedija(General Lithuanian Enciklopedia).

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