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The National Bolshevik Party (NBP, Russian: Национал-большевистская партия, НБП, also known as Natsbol) is a Russian extremist political party dedicated to National Bolshevism. The NBP is a prominent member of The Other Russia coalition of opposition parties. There are also smaller NBP groups in other countries.

In Russia, the organization has been banned, and has never been officially registered as political party. Since being banned, its membership has declined. The NBP's preferred political activity has consisted of direct action stunts, mostly against prominent political figures.

Including violence like attacking a polling station protesting their ban[2].

Its official organ is the journal Limonka (Лимонка). The name is a play of words on Limonov and is idiomatic Russian for grenade. It was forced to change its name after the authorities banned it for "promoting extremism and hatred". The main editor of Limonka for many years was Alexei Tsvetkov (Алексей Цветков).[3]


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