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The New Socialist Party (新社会党 Shin Shakai-tō) was created in Japan on March 3 1996 by a group of left wingers who left the Social Democratic Party. [1]

This left wing political party has some similarities to the Japanese Communist Party. What that means is that it is able to assert its left wing views and be democratic without being anti religious like the other hard line atheist orientated communist political parties in Japan. They seem to be saying that people can have "freedom of thought and religious beliefs". A peaceful democratic revolution, peace and human rights make up what they want to put into Japan's constitution. Another idea they seem to be sympathetic to is direct democracy.

The New Socialist Party of Japan holds another viewpoint that is similar to the Japanese Communist Party but seems slightly different. This viewpoint seems to be believing that Japan should completely stop using its nuclear power. This must be so Japan can become a nation with "unarmed neutrality."


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