Party of Peace and Unity (Партия Мира и Единства, Partiya Mira i Yedinstva) was a socialist party in Russia.

It was founded in 1996, uniting several communist groups that opposed president Yeltsin's policies. Its leader was Sazhi Umalatova, a Russian politician of Chechen nationality, who was a devoted opponent of Gorbachev and Yeltsin. Umalatova supported the August coup in 1991 and the anti-Yeltsin opposition in the October 1993 events. However, she later became an ardent supporter of president Putin.

At the legislative elections, December 7, 2003, the party won 0.25 % of the popular vote and no seats. The party did not participate in the 2007 Russian legislative election and merged with the party Patriots of Russia in 2008.

The party received 34 million barrels worth of oil vouchers in the United Nations Oil-for-Food Programme, according to the paper "The Beneficiaries of Saddam's Oil Vouchers: The List of 270".[1]


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