Sex is something that occupies the minds and time of a lot of people all over the world all the time. Yet, in many modern societies in this wide world, sex is looked upon as something problematic and unwanted, even though it is very evidently the very foundation of advanced life as we know it. The question that arises is as such: Why? What is it with sex that pisses people off so much? What is it that drives people with power to control what people do in their own bedroom?

"Sex" here is used in a broad sense, to mean all sexual interactions, from touching and kissing to masturbation and sexual intercourse, homo-, bi- and hetero-sexual.

Sex is...

Sex is by many considered one of the best things in the world. This is grounded in the biological need for sex, it is what brings offspring into the world. Sex is also an important social tool, and in many species (including humans) it is used for bonding. The basic argument is that because sex is a neccessity for life, it is made to feel good. (For how this has happened, see evolution or creation.)

Physical Reactions to Sex

When the body is touched or kissed, the skin will send nervous signals to the brain. These signals will then be interpreted, usually as signals expressing pleasure, in turn causing the brain to release small amounts of endorphines, giving a pleasurable sensation that encourages further activity. This will usually take place in both the toucher and the touchee. Some areas of the body are particularly sensetive to being touched and kissed, including (but not limited to) lips, neck and shoulders, breasts and sexual organs. Areas and sensitivity varies however, both between sexes and between individuals.

Mental Reactions to Sex

While the signals sent by the body when touched are usually pleasurable in nature, how the brain interprets these signals may vary. The reasons for variation can include things like relationship to protagonist, timing, location, stress and other factors. Additionally, people who have a strong negative relationship to sex in general (e.g., some rape victims) may also interpret signals differently.

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