The Socialist Party of Albania (Albanian: Partia Socialiste e Shqipërisë), is a centre-left, social democratic[1] and socially liberal[2] political party in Albania, it is currently the leading opposition party in Albania. It seats 66 MPs in the 2009 Albanian parliament (out of a total of 140).[3] It achieved power in 1997 after a political crisis and governmental realignment. In the 2001 General Election it secured 73 seats in the Parliament, which enabled it to form the Government. In the General Election of 3 July 2005, the Socialist Party lost its majority and the Democratic Party of Albania formed the new Government, having secured, with its allies, a majority of 81 seats.

The Albanian Labor Party during its Tenth Congress in June 1991 changed its name to the Socialist Party of Albania, and also changed its ideology from communism to social democracy.[4] Fatos Nano a man from the intelligencia was elected its first Chairman.[5] Nano helped to reformed the old communist party and made it a member of the Socialist International. On 1 September 2005 Nano resigned as the chairman of the Socialist Party, after losing the elections. He was succeeded by Edi Rama, who altered the party ideology to Social liberalism.[2] The Socialist Party of Albania is a member of the Socialist International. Its newspaper is Zëri i Popullit.


Fatos Nano was the head of SPA 1991-2005. In 2005, after a defeat in the national elections, he resigned from his post. Currently, SPA's leader is Edi Rama, the mayor of Tirana. Gramoz Ruçi, former Interior Minister and well-known for his loyalty to the party, is the head of the Socialist Group, which has 64 MP's. Vice-coordinators of the group are Erjon Brace, Vasilika Hysi, Saimir Tahiri, Eduard Shalsi and Taulant Balla. Arta Dade is the party secretary for international affairs, and she is assisted by Arben Ahmetaj, Taulant Balla, Olta Xhacka, Ditmir Bushati and Qemal Minxhozi. Ahmetaj and Balla usually deal with SPA relationships with the other left parties in Europe, especially with the Greek PASOK, with whom SPA is very close.[citation needed] Blendi Klosi (former Culture minister and SPA organizative secretary), is also seen as a very important politician in SPA, as well as Fatmir Xhafaj (lawyer and former Justice Minister). Ben Blushi is a very interesting party official.

This is the list of the Socialist MPs (the names in bold are the Committee coordinators for the party).

  • Committee for Economy and Finance
    • Albert Çaçi, Andis Harasani, Arben Ahmetaj, Arben Malaj, Erion Braçe, Ervin Koçi, Gjovalin Kadeli, Ilir Bejtja, Mimi Kodheli, Rudina Seseri
  • Committee for Foreign Affairs
  • Committee for European Integration
    • Ditmir Bushati, Gramoz Ruçi, Taulant Balla, Ermelinda Meksi
  • Committee for National Security
    • Ilir Gjoni, Arben Çako, Prenga, Asllan Dogjani, Ben Blushi, Gazmir Bizhga, Skënder Hasa, Xhemal Qefaliaj
  • Committee for Health and Social Security
    • Eglantina Gjermani, Eltar Deda Klodiana Spahiu, Vangjel Tavo, Ethem Ruka
  • Committee for Trade and Environment
    • Artan Gaci, Besnik Baraj, Blendi Klosi, Eduard Shalsi, Hazir Gashi, Ilir Beqja, Ndue Kolaj, Sabri Abazi
  • Committee for Education
    • Agim Leka, Alfred Dalipi, Ledi Shkreli, Fatmir Toçi, Fidel Ylli, Kastriot Islami, Luiza Xhuvani, Valentina Leskaj, Marko Bello


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