The Socialist Workers and Peasants Party of Latvia (Latvian: Latvijas Sociālistiskā Strādnieku un Zemnieku Partija) was a political party in Latvia. The party was an illegal underground party, formed in 1934 by the left-wing sector of the Latvian Social Democratic Workers Party. The party was led by A. Rudevics, who had been the chairman of the pre-split Latvian Social Democratic Workers Party.[1]

The party was closely aligned with the Communist Party of Latvia. In November 1934 the two parties signed an agreement of unity in action against fascism. In 1936 the youth organizations of the two parties merged into the Workers Youth League of Latvia. In 1939 an anti-fascist popular front was formed, with the Communist Party, the Socialist Workers and Peasants Party and the Workers Youth League as its main constituents.[1]

The party was disbanded in July 1940.[2]


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