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Flag of the Soviet Union.

The Soviet Union (full name: Union of Soviet Socialist Republics abbreviated USSR stylised as U.S.S.R.) was a criminal genocidal state which existed from December 30, 1922 to December 26, 1991. The Soviet Union was created by Vladimir Lenin after the overthrowing of Tsar Nicholas II and the Provisional Government. The Soviet Union became one of the most ruined countries in the world and was one of the biggest rivals of the United States. Before the Soviet Union had Lenin. In the end, it was Josef Stalin who gained leadership. After this, between 1936 and 1940 a campaign of Great Terror killing several hundred thousands was unleashed against dissenters.

The Soviet Union had free education, Healthcare, and had high employment which ment that there were barely any homeless people. There was also widespread poverty. The Soviet Union became

Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov, the man who created the Soviet union

Trotsky, the War Minister of Soviet Russia. A close ally of Lenin killed by Stalin.

one of the most powerful nations after the five year plan by Josef Stalin which became a major industrial power. During the Second World War the Soviet Union played a major role and was responsible for most of the German deaths in the Wehrmacht and S.S on the Eastern Front, liberating many countries from nazi tyranny and saved many Jews from concentration camps. Though it is also true that Soviet Union genocided Poles during the Polish Operation.

After the Second World War the U.S.S.R became a major superpower and then had the Cold War with the U.S. The Soviet influence became powerful which resulted in successful revolutions like China, Cuba, Laos, Vietnam, North Korea etc. which the U.S tried to turn back into a free country but failed. The Soviet Union prospered during the 1970's which the economy was third to the U.S( however Soviet Union was never in the same economic league of other world powers) and people had a life expectancy lower than other great powers.

Josef stalin, the man who made the Soviet union a world superpower.[citation needed]

In the early 1990's Yeltsin and other leaders then liberated his country by making it a capitalist country which resulted in an economic collapse and now has higher birth mortality rates to which is decreasing the population of Russia. Gorbachev struggled till the end to save and liberalize the Soviet Union. The influence of the Soviet Union is still strong and many people in the countries that was in the U.S.S.R want it to be back to the Soviet Union which they knew that it was better than the government which they have now. (crazification factor)

The Communists believe that the U.S terrorised them with threats of nuclear weapons, bribery, and more horrible things until the U.S.S.R gave in.

Soviet Union was a horrible country which was a murderous country full of horrible people, even today people still think the same way about the Country which will always be remembered to the people in History. It killed 62 million people between 1924 and 1953.

American propaganda poster during the Cold War about communist taking over America if they succeed.


Joseph Stalin - Great Purge During Stalin's Reign - -Flashback Friday

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