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Established in 2004, TV Tropes is a wiki that aims to collect and expand on various plot devices found within creative works which are given the name "tropes". The site first only covered television and film tropes but has gone on to cover other media; such as literature, comics and video-games.

Pro-US bias

TV Tropes also covers and gives tropes to real life issues. However, the way most of these are covered shows a strong US bias. For instance the ‘useful notes’ article on the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea[1] calls it Nazi, evil and refers to Chairman Kim Jong-il as ‘sociopathic’. Their article on the Korean War[2] claims that America ‘saved the day’ (obviously ignoring the war crimes the US committed in that war).

The ‘useful note’ articles on countries mostly seem to bash the ones that oppose the US but their ‘real life’ articles never mention US war crimes or the crimes of their allies. For instance the article on Iran[3] mentions its alleged attacks on homosexuals and women; while it’s article on Saudi Arabia[4] only mentions that it’s conservative and a US ally and doesn’t mention that it does the same thing.

All articles on negative leadership qualities, evil overlords or ‘Orwellian’ governments always mention the Soviet Union, China, Korea and other countries in their ‘real life’ sections.

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