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  1. Before nominating yourself, be sure that you understand what admin and bureaucrat privileges mean.
  2. Any registered user can nominate himself after writing or significantly improving two or more articles.
    1. These articles must not have a maintenance template, e.g. they must not be currently tagged as stubs.
    2. And the articles must not have been largely copied from a single wiki or website.
  3. You may request either Rollback, Administrator, or Bureaucrat rights.
    1. In order to become a bureaucrat, first you must have been given sysop rights, at least two months before you nominate yourself.
  4. You cannot nominate other users, but you can vote for them.
    1. You cannot vote for yourself, only nominate yourself.
    2. You cannot nominate yourself if you have been blocked in the past. If you get blocked before getting promoted, your nomination is cancelled.
    3. You must have made your first edit more than a month ago, at the time you nominate yourself.
  5. After a user has nominated himself, other users may vote for him. To vote for, write {{Support}}. To vote against, write {{Oppose}}. Give reasons for your votes. If you wish to make a neutral comment, use {{Comment}}.
    1. Three negative votes mean the user will not get promoted, regardless of how many positive votes he has.
  6. The voting period will last exactly one month after the user is nominated. If he has more positive votes, and less than 3 negative votes, he will get promoted.
  7. Administrator abilities may be granted without a previous vote, if a user makes excellent contributions and a bureaucrat notices him. bureaucrat abilities, in contrast, always require a previous vote and that the user complies with all the rules listed here.
  8. Bureaucrats have veto power.
To nominate yourself, use the following template:

{{admin|<Rollback/Sysop/Bureaucrat/>|<Your username>|<Article (written or improved by you) #1>|<Article (written or improved by you) #2>|<Five tildes (~~~~~)>}}

For example, if you wish to be granted administrator abilities, your username is USSRComrade, and you have written these articles: Capitalism and Anarchopedia; you should write the following:


Which gives:
Sysop candidate

USSRComrade (talkcontribslogsblock loguser rights)
My articles (written or improved): Capitalism - Anarchopedia

 Nominating on 01:01, July 30, 2021 (UTC).

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