Shows a legend row with a colored box.


{{legend|color|label|outline=outline color|border=css border}}

color is passed to the css background-color property of the color box. The optional outline parameter is the color of the outline around the box. If you need to customize the border further, you can use the border argument, which overrides the outline argument and sets the css description (e.g., 1px solid #aaa) of the border that will be drawn around the box.


Use in text


Use in a caption

 [[Image:Celts in Europe.png|200px|thumb|right|The Celts in Europe, past and present:
 {{legend|#1a8000|present-day Celtic-speaking areas}}
 {{legend|#27c600|other parts of the six most commonly recognized 'Celtic nations' and where a 
 Celtic language is spoken but not the dominating language}}
 {{legend|#97ffb6|other parts of Europe once peopled by Celts; modern-day inhabitants of many of 
 these areas often claim a Celtic heritage and/or culture}}
 {{legend|yellow|the core Hallstatt territory, expansion before 500 BC}}

Full parameter list

1 = <!-- background-color -->
2 = <!-- legend text -->
outline = <!-- border line color -->
border =<!-- full border style, overrides outline -->
color = <!-- text color (font color) -->
size = <!-- font size -->
text = <!-- text inside the box -->

See also

  • For a version of this template using display:inline to avoid line breaks after each legend, see {{Legend inline}}.
  • For a version of this template without block formatting, see {{Legend2}}.
  • For legend rows representing lines, see {{legend-line}}.
  • Wikipedia:Web colors

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