The Nonviolent Communist is a Marxian initiative founded by Joshua Bizley and Thomas Richard Mayer . The initiative is known to be "proudly non-revisionist". It is a discoursing manifesto of how they envision humanity functioning, and how western society could be transformed into that vision. Of which is epitomised by the maxim: "Let's revolutionise the revolution".

The Nonviolent Communist describes the true nature of force not to be violent.

Mayer, in particular, subscribes to a pure Hegelian reading of Marx in hope of stabilizing the pragmatics of communism.


" Nonviolent Communists, we strive for a world that organises itself through education and voluntary cooperation." - Joshua Bizley

"...We all remember the conditional assertion made by our parents: “Eat your vegetables or you are prohibited from X.” We are si'milarly issued such a threat by our government, although having been granted a choice: “You have three choices: mashed, boiled or roasted.” We of course do not have a choice of the specific vegetable we merely have the choice as to how it is presented to us. "Democracy" is akin to this metaphor, essentially we are given one option: Capitalism -- it is just realistically presented in three different ways: Labour, Conservative or Liberal-democratic. They are the same proverbial potato." - Thomas Richard Mayer

"Spirit is finding yourself in your work. However, the most demanding of questions to be asked is what is your 'work'? Labour? If that is the case, then you may be alarmed by the fact that your spirit has become a commodity." - Thomas Richard Mayer

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