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Theocracy is an ideology that is based upon vicarious autotheism- the sense that oneself and like-minded people collectively constitute a monotheist god. Theocracy is the typical manifestation of authoritarian collectivism, though authoritarian collectivism often has a secular veneer. Authoritarian collectivism is characterized by a sense of paternalism.

Common aspects of theocracy include:

  • absence of the right of suicide
  • absence of the right of abortion
  • absence of the right of genital integrity
  • absence of the right to use contraception
  • absence of the right of polyamory
  • absence of the right of prostitution
  • absence of the right to view attractive parts of people other than those of one's spouse
  • absence of the right to masturbate
  • absence of the right to eat alone
  • absence of the right to have pleasure alone in general
  • absence of true property rights
  • coerced performance of symbolic labors, especially for youth (such as reciting the koran until it is memorized, or homework (which has a secular veneer) ); completion of these symbolic labors is likely to be made a de facto requirement to attain higher socio-economic status
  • coerced burning of, or otherwise sacrifice of, food (this aspect does not exist in modern-day theocracies, having been replaced by an increase in symbolic labor)

Since all true ideologies are part of a large 2-dimensional spectrum, theocracy is adjacent to, and can be blended with, certain other ideologies. Those blended ideologies are:

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