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The Misr El-Fatah (Young Egypt) Party (Arabic: Hizb Misr El-Fatah) is a small Egyptian political party, with some 225 members.


The Party platform calls for:

  • Establishing a parliamentary/presidential ruling system.
  • Enhancing the Egyptian-Arab ties.
  • Achieving integration with African countries.
  • Adopting non-alignment policies.
  • Establishing the so-called socialist Islamic economic system and boosting the role of the private sector.

The Party & legislative elections The Party fielded seven candidates to run for the 2000 legislative elections.


The party was formed October 1933 by its leader Ahmed Husayn. During its heyday in the 1930s the fascist Young Egypt[1] had a youth movement name the "Green Shirts" who had some violent confrontations with the Wafd party's "blue shirts" One member even tried to assassinate Mustafa el-Nahas Pasha in November 1937. Under government pressure, the Green shirts were disbanded in 1938. The group was renamed the Nationalist Islamic Party in 1940, when it took on a more religious, as well as anti-British tone. After the war it was renamed yet again, now the Socialist Party of Egypt. The groups one electoral success came when it sent Ibrahim Shukri, its vice-president to parliament in 1951. However the military government that came to power in the Egyptian Revolution of 1952 disbanded it, and all other parties, in 1953.

Ibriham Shukri formed a group, the Socialist Labor Party in 1978, despite its name it took much of the populistic and nationalistic ideology of Young Egypt. Its organ was Al-Sha'ab (The People).

Another Young Egypt group, this one keeping the original name, was founded in 1990. It is led by Abdallah Rushdi.


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